Alone But Not Lonely



Hear the raindrops hit the pavement as the sun shines.

They say the devil is beating his wife but I never imagined a devil who would marry.

You better find someone before it’s too late, they say.

Are you sure it isn’t already too late?

And if it is too late should I buy a cat?

There must be others like me who watch YouTube cat videos to pass some of the time.

I sit and think.

Where do I find the man who is supposed to change my life?

Do I hunt for him or is he looking for me?

I’m afraid to admit I kind of don’t want to find him or for him to find me.

It will be the end of the beginning of the old and the new.

And I am afraid.

And I am most afraid of being afraid around others.

Will he frighten me?

The thought of him already does.

Will he be my devil?

Or will it only rain on cloudy days?

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